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I have resigned from the Board.  Here is a copy of my resignation letter.

Through the four years I’ve served on the HOA board, over a five year period, the board has made great strides of which I’m very proud.  Here are some of the highlights


·       We’ve repaid the huge debt the prior board incurred paying for the entry walls. 

·       At the same time we’ve lowered annual assessments and spend less money. 

·       We have a 109% funding level in our reserves. 

·       We reset the tradition and we hold elections on the CC&R stated schedule. 

·       The board abides by the law and tries to limit its adventures to the terms of our contract with the neighborhood. 

·       We’ve largely changed the board from an aggressive enforcement body to one of more quiet stewardship. 

·       We ended all the open litigation and got the insurance company to cover the large M/J case.

·       We moved away from the entrenched set of services providers with whom the prior board seemed to have inappropriate arrangements; lawyers, landscapers, auditor, management firm, and expert consultants (wells, solar).

·       We created and have (mostly) institutionalized our Conflict of Interest policy (an obvious policy, so lacking here earlier, which now is incorporated into the new Davis-Sterling Act).

·       We turned out the old aggressive ARC and all of its members, and replaced it with an ARC that seems to leave most people alone most of the time, and that (unlike the prior ARC) seems to respect the COI policy.

·       And most of all, I managed to turn around the prior board’s attempt to rewrite our CC&Rs with a new set that contained some set of 14 “pet changes” inserted into that document, and never specifically identified, by the prior board for reasons never explained.  While what we have from 1998 isn’t perfect, they at least seem to be fair and don’t seem to serve anyone’s personal interest.


You wouldn’t believe the personal impacts (threats, vandalism, physical intimidation, verbal and written abuse, threats of law-suits, harassing telephone calls, etc.) that working on the board during these times caused me and my family.


Nevertheless, it was my pleasure to serve on the board for these past years and hopefully, I leave the HOA better and stronger then when I first started serving.


Thank you for your support!

Couple pieces of good news:

Recent vandalism:


Wouldn’t a real man ring a door bell or raise his issue in person instead of sneaking by at night and taking it out on a driveway?  What a pussy.

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